What Sort of testing is AMTSO looking at?

Q: What sort of testing is AMTSO looking at?
A: AMTSO is currently focused on the testing of anti-malware software and related products. While there are several current testing methodologies available to evaluate the performance or efficacy of a security product, AMTSO is primarily focused on two main areas: (1) Certification Testing: certification tests are used to determine whether a product meets the requirements for some form of product certification, whether it's based on detection performance or a wider range of evaluation criteria. AMTSO will focus its initial efforts on a review of certification testing based on detection performance.(2) Product Review Testing: product review tests are carried out by or on behalf of magazines, security web sites, and so on, and also include independent tests commissioned by security vendors. Many product review tests comparative, so the publication will recommend some products over others on the basis of their performance according to test criteria. It is apparent that such tests and reviews need to be as consistent as possible across the range of products detected to ensure that the resulting review or recommendation or review is as accurate as possible. When initially published, AMTSO standards and guidelines will not attempt to define standards related to either product beta testing or internal Quality Assurance programs.

Last Updated on Monday, 10 March 2008 13:00