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October 2014 Meeting in Canterbury, UK

The meeting will take place on 21 and 22 October 2014. This 2-day meeting will be followed on 23 October by The 2nd Workshop on Anti-Malware Testing Research (WATeR 2014).


Registration for the AMSTO Members Meeting can be done here... 

Registration for WATeR 2014 can be done here... 


 From Heathrow

When you arrive by plane on Heathrow, there are two options:

  • When arriving at Heathrow
    • Terminal 1,2,3 or 5, take the Heathrow Express to London Paddington (34.00 GBP return ticket, 21.00 GBP single)
    • Terminal 4:
      • Take the Heathrow Connect to Terminal 1,2,3
      • Take the Heathrow Express two London Paddington (34.00 GBP return ticket, 21.00 GBP single)
    • From London Paddington, take the Circle Line or the Hammersmith Line Eastbound to King’s Cross (4.70 GBP). These lines leave from platform 16
Tickets for the Heathrow Express can be bought in the Terminals or online (same price). Saves queuing up to buy them online, print them and take them with you. Or download the Heathrow Express App (iPhone, Blackberry and Android) and buy the ticket through the App and have the ticket on your phone.

  • When arriving at Heathrow (any Terminal), follow the Underground signs to get on the Piccadilly Line. This one takes you all the way to King’s Cross for just 6.70 GBP. It takes a bit longer to get there, but if you have the time, it is much cheaper :-)

From anywhere else

If you are arriving at a different airport, find your way to London and then to King’s Cross using the London Underground

At King’s Cross, follow the signs for St Pancras International Station and take the South Eastern Train Service to Canterbury West. The ticket stand is towards the end, not too far from platforms 11, 12 and 13, from where the fast train to Margate leaves. It takes approximately 56 minutes to Canterbury West and cost 34.80 GBP, one way). NOTE: The train is usually 12 coaches long. The first 6 coaches are disconnected at Ashford International Station and go to Dover Priory, the rear 6 coaches (when you get to the trains these are the closest to the entrance) continue onwards and the next station after Ashford International Station is Canterbury West.

There are cheaper and slower trains to Canterbury East Station from other central London Stations but note that travel to Canterbury East can take up to 2.5 hours then (but if you prefer the scenic route, by all means, take it :-) )

Arriving at Canterbury West Platform two, you need to get to Platform 1 to exit the station. Again you have two options here:
  • At the exit there are taxis waiting. A taxi to the Abode Hotel is approximately 7.00 GBP. Don’t be afraid when you see High Street ahead of the taxi and it makes a right turn and moves away from it. From 11:00am the main streets in the center are a pedestrian area, the taxi has to drive around it to get to the side entrance of the Abode Hotel
  •  Walking takes approximately 9 minutes. When you leave the station, make a right hand turn. At the end of the street, make a left hand turn. You will see an old town gate. Walk to the gate and onwards (after the gate it is already High Street). After 300 meters you will find the main entrance of the Abode on your left hand side. The walking map from Canterbury West to the Abode Hotel can be found here...