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Virus Bulletin Spotlight article on AMTSO
An article by David Harley on what AMTSO has achieved so far, and what might lie ahead: 'AMTSOlutely Fabulous', January 2010, Virus Bulletin. Copyright is held by Virus Bulletin Ltd, but is made available on this site for personal use free of charge by permission of Virus Bulletin.


The following links contain information related to anti-malware testing. These are mostly held on external sites, and the content is not controlled, nor necessarily endorsed by AMTSO.

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1 Presentations made at AV Testing Workshop 2007
Presentations made at the International Antivirus Testing Workshop 2007, held at Reykjavik, Iceland

2 Archive of Conference Papers Archive of conference papers

3 Pragmatic Anti-virus Testing
Joe Wells: "Pragmatic Anti-Virus Testing"

4 Real World Reviews: Current State
Sarah Gordon and Richard Ford: "Real World Anti-Virus Product Reviews And Evaluations - The Current State Of Affairs"

5 A Reader's Guide to Reviews
Dr. Alan Solomon: "A Reader's Guide to Reviews" (originally published in "Virus News International", and credited to Sarah Tanner)

6 Analysis and Maintenance of a Clean Virus Library
Vesselin Bontchev: "Analysis and Maintenance of a Clean Virus Library"

7 What is Wild?
Sarah Gordon: "What is Wild?"

8 Comparing the Comparatives
Igor Muttik: "Comparing the Comparatives"

9 Wildlist Archive of Papers
WildList Organization International: Archive of papers and links

10 Testing Methodology for Spyware Removal
Josh Harriman: Proposal for testing anti-spyware removal (Symantec)

11 Testing Methodology for Rootkit Removal
Josh Harriman: Proposed methodology for testing anti-rootkit removal technologies (Symantec)

12 A Single Metric for Evaluating Security Products
Igor Muttik: "A Single Metric for Evaluating Security Products" presented at the EICAR 2010 conference in Paris

13 Real Performance?
Ján Vrabec and David Harley: "Real Performance?" presented at the EICAR 2010 conference in Paris.

14. Bringing Testing into the Cloud
Anthony Arrott, Wei Yan, Geoff Grindrod & Jeffrey Wong, presented at the AVAR2009 conference in Kyoto.

15. Paradigm Shift - From Static To Realtime, A Progress Report
Matt Garrad, Paul Jones, Lysa Myers and Michael Parsons, presented at the EICAR 2010 Conference in Paris

16. Let telemetry be your guide, a proposal for security tests
Jimmy Kuo, blog on Technet, 16 July 2009

17. Update on Telemetry Usage in Tests, Part 1
Jimmy Kuo, blog on Technet, 15 June 2010

18. Antivirus Testing and AMTSO Has anything changed?
David Harley, presented at the CFET Conference 2010 in Canterbury, UK

Newest entries

19. Test Files and Product Evaluation: the Case for and against Malware Simulation
Paper by David Harley, Eddy Willems and Lysa Myers, presented at the AVAR Conference 2010 in Bali

20. Benchmarking Without Weightings: Like a Burger Without a Bun
Blog by Eugene Kaspersky, September 2011

21. Anti-malware testing discussions
Blog by Simon Edwards, September 2011

22. Why there’s no one test to rule them all
Article by Lysa Myers for Virus Bulletin, October 2011

23. Daze of Whine and Roses
Paper by David Harley and Larry Bridwell, presented at the Virus Bulletin Conference 2011 in Barcelona

24. The Holy Grail of AV Testing, and Why It Will Never Be Found
Blog by Eugene Kaspersky, October 2011

25. AMTSO: the Test of Time?
Article by David Harley for Network Security Magazine. Pre-proof copy here.

26. Man, Myth, Malware and Multi-Scanning
Paper by David Harley and Julio Canto for CFET 2011 in Canterbury

27. After AMTSO: a funny thing happened on the way to the forum
Paper by David Harley presented at EICAR 2012