Here are some news stories, press releases and blog posts covering AMTSO and related testing matters.

For AMTSO’s own press releases, see our press releases page.


Life Of: A Software Testing Lab” – Dan Raywood, Infosecurity Magazine, September 2019

Ruling Dismisses Antitrust Claims Against AMTSO” – Arnold Brown/Brenna Legaard, JDSupra, August 2019

Symantec, Cyber Standards Org Delete Lab’s Antitrust Suit” – Law360 (paywall), August 2019

DOJ Gets Involved in Antitrust Case Against Symantec and Others Over Malware Testing Standards” – Jonathan Rubin/Timothy Z. LaComb, National Law Review, August 2019

The Problem with Proprietary Testing: NSS Labs vs. CrowdStrike” – Brian Monkman, Dark Reading, July 2019

DOJ Doubtful Cyber Standard Org Exempt From Antitrust Suit” – Anne Cullen, Law360 (paywall), June 2019

How can you tell if a security test is useful or not?” – Simon Edwards, SE Labs blog, June 2019

CrowdStrike and NSS Labs have ended their legal dispute with a confidential settlement agreement, which resolves all lawsuits including NSS Labs’ antitrust suit against the vendor” – Rob Wright,, May 2019

NSS Labs Admits Its Test of CrowdStrike Falcon Was ‘Inaccurate’” – Kelly Jackson Higgins, Dark Reading, May 2019

Cybersecurity testing standards under antitrust scrutiny at Justice Department” – Joshua Sisco, MLex, April 2019


MITRE Changes the Game in Security Product Testing” – Kelly Jackson Higgins, Dark Reading, November 2018

Symantec comes out in swinging in bitter legal battle over security bug audit conspiracy claims” – Kieren McCarthy, The Register, November 2018

Preparing AV Engines for Fair and Independent Tests” – Alexander Vukcevic, Avira Insights blog, November 2018

How a Cybersecurity Antitrust Dispute Could Undermine Confidence in Cybersecurity Products” – Sedgwick Jeanite, JDSupra, October 2018

How to check or test if Antivirus is working properly or not on Windows PC” – Anand Khanse, blog, September 2018

Risk & Repeat: NSS Labs lawsuit shakes infosec industry” – Rob Wright, TechTarget “Risk and Repeat” podcast, September 2018

Cybersecurity firms in antitrust spat over product testing practices” – The Global Legal Post, September 2018

Conspiracy looms: NSS Labs takes CrowdStrike, ESET, Symantec & AMTSO to court” – Sara Barker, ChannelLife Australia, September 2018

Symantec POV on Third Party Testing” – Symantec Expert Perspectives Blog, September 2018

Testing Firm NSS Labs Declares War on Antivirus Industry” – Kevin Townsend, SecurityWeek, September 2018

The NSS Labs suit shouldn’t succeed” – Patrick Donegan, LinkedIn PULSE, September 2018

CrowdStrike responds to NSS Labs lawsuit over product testing” – Rob Wright, TechTarget, September 2018

NSS Labs hits Symantec, ESET and CrowdStrike with anti-trust suit” – Sam Varghese, ITWire, September 2018

NSS Labs sues antivirus toolmakers, claims they quietly conspire to evade performance tests” – John Leyden, The Register, September 2018

THIS IS MESSY” – Tim Starks, Politico, September 2018

NSS Labs files lawsuit over alleged CrowdStrike, Symantec, ESET product test conspiracy” – Charlie Osborne, ZDNet, September 2018

Cybersecurity analyst fires triple lawsuit at Symantec, CrowdStrike and ESET” – Tom Wright, ChannelWeb, September 2018

CrowdStrike, Symantec, ESET Face Lawsuit Over Product Testing” – Michael Kan, PCMag, September 2018

NSS Labs Sues CrowdStrike, Symantec, ESET, AMTSO for Alleged Testing Conspiracy” – Lawrence Abrams, Bleeping Computer, September 2018

NSS Labs files antitrust suit against multiple cybersecurity vendors” – Sean Lyngaas, CyberScoop, September 2018

NSS Labs Files Antitrust Suit Against Symantec, CrowdStrike, ESET, AMTSO” – Kelly Jackson Higgins, DarkReading, September 2018

NSS Labs vs. CrowdStrike, Symantec, ESET and the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization” – NSS Labs Blog post, September 2018

FireEye’s Support of Standards-Based Third Party Testing” – Phil Montgomery, FireEye blog, September 2018

Endpoint Security: A Sceptic’s Guide” – Rick McElroy, CBROnline, August 2018

A step forward for testing endpoint security products” – HardenStance Briefing (LinkedIn Pulse), July 2018

Don’t Take The Vendor’s Word For It: The Importance of Third-Party Testing” – Damien Lewke, CrowdStrike blog, June 2018

Sophos proudly supports anti-malware testing standards” – Sophos corporate blog, June 2018

AMTSO Announces Full Adoption of Testing Protocol Standard” – AMTSO Press Release, May 2018

How We Collect Malware for Hands-On Antivirus Testing” – Neil Rubenking, PCMag, May 2018

AMTSO Testing Standards: Why You Should Demand Them” – Mark Kennedy, Symantec “Expert Perspectives” blog, May 2018

Are you buying solid protection or snake oil?” – Simon Edwards, SE Labs blog, May 2018

Anti-Malware testing needs standards, and testers need to adopt them” – Tony Anscombe, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, April 2018

Antimalware Testing is Hard, Disputing a Flawed Test is Even Harder” – Randy Abrams, Webroot blog, March 2018

Interview: Jason Brvenik, CTO, NSS Labs” – Dan Raywood, Infosecurity Magazine, March 2018

Dynamic application security testing, honeypots hunt malware” – Excerpt from the Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, fourth edition (ed. Adam Gordon), published by (free registration required), February 2018


Product Testing: Simulation, dissimulation, exasperationDavid Harley, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, October 2017

Transparency In Third-Party Testing” – Hyrum Anderson, EndGame blog post, August 2017

InSecurity: Simon Edwards on AMTSO AV Testing Standards” – Cylance podcast with Shaun Walsh, August 2017

Testing, marketing, and rummaging in the FUD banks” – David Harley, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, June 2017

What makes for truly independent security product testing?” – Bill Brenner, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, February 2017


Endpoint Security Wars: Is Peace Breaking Out?” – Kevin Townsend, SecurityWeek, October 2016

The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) calls for public participation in creating standards for certification and compliance” – AMTSO press release, September 2016

AV-Comparatives Conducts Second Test Using the AMTSO Real Time Threat List” – AV-Comparatives press release, July 2016

Inside The Competitive Testing Battlefield of Endpoint Security” – Kevin Townsend, SecurityWeek, July 2016

A Bomb Just Dropped in Endpoint Security… And I’m Not Sure Anyone Noticed” – Alex Eckelberry, personal blog, May 2016

Maintaining a healthy community” – VirusTotal blog, May 2016

AV-Comparatives Testing with AMTSO List” – David Harley, Anti-Malware Testing blog, April 2016


Signatures, product testing, and the lingering death of AV” – David Harley, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, August 2015

Independent AV testing in 2014: interesting results!” – Eugene Kaspersky, Nota Bene blog, March 2015


Symantec calls antivirus ‘doomed’ as security giants fight for survival” – Zack Whittaker, ZDNet, May 2014

Symantec: Antivirus is ‘DEAD’ – no longer ‘a moneymaker’” – Ian Thompson, The Register, May 2014

Symantec Develops New Attack on Cyberhacking” – Danny Yadron, Wall Street Journal, May 2014


Are anti-virus testers measuring the right things?” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, November 2013

Is your anti-malware software doing its job?” – Mark Wycislik-Wilson, BetaNews, June 2013


AMTSO unveils product setup check tools” – John Hawes, Virus Bulletin blog, June 2013

Check your anti-virus product here” – Infosecurity Magazine, June 2013

Is Your Antivirus Working?” – Neil Rubenking, PC Mag, June 2013

Two telemetry projects should mean better testing and fewer false alarms” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, May 2013

How to Read Antivirus Comparisons” – Serge Malenkovich, Kaspersky Lab blog, May 2013

How to measure the biggest and most dangerous threats” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, May 2013

How to rate a comparative anti-virus test – a six-step guide” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, April 2013

How do you know if an anti-virus test is any good?” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, April 2013


Is anti-virus dead, yet again?Dan Raywood, SC Magazine, December 2012

AV Testing, AMTSO and EICAR” – David Harley, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, May 2012

Comparative anti-malware tests: the RIGHT way to do them” – Gabor Szappanos, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, April 2012


The Holy Grail of AV Testing, and Why It Will Never Be Found” – Eugene Kaspersky, Nota Bene blog, October 2011

Benchmarking Without Weightings: Like a Burger Without a Bun” – Eugene Kaspersky, Nota Bene blog, September 2011

Shadowserver’s new anti-virus test suite – how good is it?” – Kevin Townsend, personal blog, September 2011

AMTSO, the anti-malware testing standards organization, opens up” – Kevin Townsend, personal blog, April 2011


AMTSO publishes guidelines for false positive testing” – SC Magazine, December 2010

Once More ‘Round the AMTSO Wheel of Pain” – David Harley, SecurityWeek, November 2010

Claims that anti-virus detections are inadequate are dismissed by vendorsDan Raywood, SC Magazine, August 2010

So what is the concern about the AMTSO, and why is it not being welcomed globally?” – Dan Raywood, SC Magazine blog, August 2010

Who watches the watchers?” – Lysa Myers, SC Magazine, July 2010

New AV Product Testing Methods Stir Debate” – Kelly Jackson Higgins, DarkReading, July 2010

Anti Malware Testing Standards Organization: a dissenting viewKevin Townsend, personal blog, June 2010

AMTSO: a serious attempt to clean up anti-malware testing; or just a great big con?Kevin Townsend, personal blog, June 2010

Guidelines released for antivirus testsJeremy Kirk, ComputerWorld, June 2010

Anti-Malware Testing – Industry Insight” – David Harley, SecurityWeek, June 2010

Anti-virus is a Poor Substitute for Common Sense” – Brian Krebs, Krebs on Security, June 2010

AMTSO moves to testing changes with new guidelines” – SC Staff, SC Magazine, June 2010


AMTSO members summit covers controversial issues” – Virus Bulletin blog, October 2009

AMTSO – The herding of the cats continues” – Andrew Lee, Avien blog, October 2009

AMTSO at its most controversial” – Stuart Taylor, Naked Security blog, October 2009

AMTSO Standards” – Stuart Taylor, Naked Security blog, September 2009

What is the AMTSO?” – Neil Rubenking, PC Mag, September 2009

Let telemetry be your guide, a proposal for security tests…” – Microsoft Windows Security blog, July 2009

AMTSO should be welcomed for reviews announcement but some will see it as a threat” – Dan Raywood, SC Magazine, May 2009

AMTSO to publish opinion on anti-virus tests and reviews” – Graham Cluley, Sophos Naked Security blog, May 2009

Sparkling AMTSO” – Stuart Taylor, Sophos Naked Security blog, May 2009

AMTSO to do public analysis of anti-malware software reviews” – Dan Raywood, SC Magazine, May 2009

AMTSO Progress” – Stuart Taylor, Sophos Naked Security blog, February 2009

AMTSO meets again to discuss better testing” – Virus Bulletin blog, February 2009


AMTSO conference generates new documents” – Stuart Taylor, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, November 2008

AMTSO standardises security software testing” – Anthony Savvas, Computer Weekly, November 2008

AMTSO publishes guidelines on testingSC Staff, SC Magazine, November 2008

Jaw jaw at RSA Europe and AMTSO” – Graham Cluley, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, October 2008

AMTSO releases draft guidelines for public comment” – Virus Bulletin blog, August 2008

Security experts gather in Europe” – Virus Bulletin blog, May 2008

Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization created” – Matthew Humphries,, February 2008

Antivirus companies aim to set standards for testing” – Peter Sayer, ComputerWorld, February 2008

Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization” – Stuart King, Computer Weekly, February 2008

New security software testing standards body formed” – Virus Bulletin blog, February 2008

International group pushing for anti-malware testing standardDan Kaplan, SC Magazine, February 2008

AMTSO” – Stuart Taylor, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, February 2008

Member Companies Comment on Taking First Steps Towards Forming Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO)” – AMTSO press release, February 2008


Group will develop antivirus testing guidelines by early next year” – Jeremy Kirk, ComputerWorld, December 2007