Here are some news stories, press releases and blog posts covering AMTSO and related testing matters.

For AMTSO’s own press releases, see our press releases page.



MITRE Changes the Game in Security Product Testing” – Kelly Jackson Higgins, Dark Reading, November 2018

Symantec comes out in swinging in bitter legal battle over security bug audit conspiracy claims” – Kieren McCarthy, The Register, November 2018

Preparing AV Engines for Fair and Independent Tests” – Alexander Vukcevic, Avira Insights blog, November 2018

How a Cybersecurity Antitrust Dispute Could Undermine Confidence in Cybersecurity Products” – Sedgwick Jeanite, JDSupra, October 2018

How to check or test if Antivirus is working properly or not on Windows PC” – Anand Khanse, blog, September 2018

Risk & Repeat: NSS Labs lawsuit shakes infosec industry” – Rob Wright, TechTarget “Risk and Repeat” podcast, September 2018

Cybersecurity firms in antitrust spat over product testing practices” – The Global Legal Post, September 2018

Conspiracy looms: NSS Labs takes CrowdStrike, ESET, Symantec & AMTSO to court” – Sara Barker, ChannelLife Australia, September 2018

Symantec POV on Third Party Testing” – Symantec Expert Perspectives Blog, September 2018

Testing Firm NSS Labs Declares War on Antivirus Industry” – Kevin Townsend, SecurityWeek, September 2018

The NSS Labs suit shouldn’t succeed” – Patrick Donegan, LinkedIn PULSE, September 2018

CrowdStrike responds to NSS Labs lawsuit over product testing” – Rob Wright, TechTarget, September 2018

NSS Labs hits Symantec, ESET and CrowdStrike with anti-trust suit” – Sam Varghese, ITWire, September 2018

NSS Labs sues antivirus toolmakers, claims they quietly conspire to evade performance tests” – John Leyden, The Register, September 2018

THIS IS MESSY” – Tim Starks, Politico, September 2018

NSS Labs files lawsuit over alleged CrowdStrike, Symantec, ESET product test conspiracy” – Charlie Osborne, ZDNet, September 2018

Cybersecurity analyst fires triple lawsuit at Symantec, CrowdStrike and ESET” – Tom Wright, ChannelWeb, September 2018

CrowdStrike, Symantec, ESET Face Lawsuit Over Product Testing” – Michael Kan, PCMag, September 2018

NSS Labs Sues CrowdStrike, Symantec, ESET, AMTSO for Alleged Testing Conspiracy” – Lawrence Abrams, Bleeping Computer, September 2018

NSS Labs files antitrust suit against multiple cybersecurity vendors” – Sean Lyngaas, CyberScoop, September 2018

NSS Labs Files Antitrust Suit Against Symantec, CrowdStrike, ESET, AMTSO” – Kelly Jackson Higgins, DarkReading, September 2018

NSS Labs vs. CrowdStrike, Symantec, ESET and the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization” – NSS Labs Blog post, September 2018

FireEye’s Support of Standards-Based Third Party Testing” – Phil Montgomery, FireEye blog, September 2018

Endpoint Security: A Sceptic’s Guide” – Rick McElroy, CBROnline, August 2018

A step forward for testing endpoint security products” – HardenStance Briefing (LinkedIn Pulse), July 2018

Don’t Take The Vendor’s Word For It: The Importance of Third-Party Testing” – Damien Lewke, CrowdStrike blog, June 2018

Sophos proudly supports anti-malware testing standards” – Sophos corporate blog, June 2018

AMTSO Announces Full Adoption of Testing Protocol Standard” – AMTSO Press Release, May 2018

How We Collect Malware for Hands-On Antivirus Testing” – Neil Rubenking, PCMag, May 2018

AMTSO Testing Standards: Why You Should Demand Them” – Mark Kennedy, Symantec “Expert Perspectives” blog, May 2018

Are you buying solid protection or snake oil?” – Simon Edwards, SE Labs blog, May 2018

Anti-Malware testing needs standards, and testers need to adopt them” – Tony Anscombe, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, April 2018

Antimalware Testing is Hard, Disputing a Flawed Test is Even Harder” – Randy Abrams, Webroot blog, March 2018

Interview: Jason Brvenik, CTO, NSS Labs” – Dan Raywood, Infosecurity Magazine, March 2018

Dynamic application security testing, honeypots hunt malware” – Excerpt from the Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, fourth edition (ed. Adam Gordon), published by (free registration required), February 2018


Product Testing: Simulation, dissimulation, exasperationDavid Harley, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, October 2017

Transparency In Third-Party Testing” – Hyrum Anderson, EndGame blog post, August 2017

InSecurity: Simon Edwards on AMTSO AV Testing Standards” – Cylance podcast with Shaun Walsh, August 2017

Testing, marketing, and rummaging in the FUD banks” – David Harley, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, June 2017

What makes for truly independent security product testing?” – Bill Brenner, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, February 2017


Endpoint Security Wars: Is Peace Breaking Out?” – Kevin Townsend, SecurityWeek, October 2016

The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) calls for public participation in creating standards for certification and compliance” – AMTSO press release, September 2016

AV-Comparatives Conducts Second Test Using the AMTSO Real Time Threat List” – AV-Comparatives press release, July 2016

Inside The Competitive Testing Battlefield of Endpoint Security” – Kevin Townsend, SecurityWeek, July 2016

A Bomb Just Dropped in Endpoint Security… And I’m Not Sure Anyone Noticed” – Alex Eckelberry, personal blog, May 2016

Maintaining a healthy community” – VirusTotal blog, May 2016

AV-Comparatives Testing with AMTSO List” – David Harley, Anti-Malware Testing blog, April 2016


Signatures, product testing, and the lingering death of AV” – David Harley, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, August 2015

Independent AV testing in 2014: interesting results!” – Eugene Kaspersky, Nota Bene blog, March 2015


Symantec calls antivirus ‘doomed’ as security giants fight for survival” – Zack Whittaker, ZDNet, May 2014

Symantec: Antivirus is ‘DEAD’ – no longer ‘a moneymaker’” – Ian Thompson, The Register, May 2014

Symantec Develops New Attack on Cyberhacking” – Danny Yadron, Wall Street Journal, May 2014


Are anti-virus testers measuring the right things?” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, November 2013

Is your anti-malware software doing its job?” – Mark Wycislik-Wilson, BetaNews, June 2013


AMTSO unveils product setup check tools” – John Hawes, Virus Bulletin blog, June 2013

Check your anti-virus product here” – Infosecurity Magazine, June 2013

Is Your Antivirus Working?” – Neil Rubenking, PC Mag, June 2013

Two telemetry projects should mean better testing and fewer false alarms” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, May 2013

How to Read Antivirus Comparisons” – Serge Malenkovich, Kaspersky Lab blog, May 2013

How to measure the biggest and most dangerous threats” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, May 2013

How to rate a comparative anti-virus test – a six-step guide” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, April 2013

How do you know if an anti-virus test is any good?” – John Hawes, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, April 2013


Is anti-virus dead, yet again?Dan Raywood, SC Magazine, December 2012

AV Testing, AMTSO and EICAR” – David Harley, ESET “WeLiveSecurity” blog, May 2012

Comparative anti-malware tests: the RIGHT way to do them” – Gabor Szappanos, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, April 2012


The Holy Grail of AV Testing, and Why It Will Never Be Found” – Eugene Kaspersky, Nota Bene blog, October 2011

Benchmarking Without Weightings: Like a Burger Without a Bun” – Eugene Kaspersky, Nota Bene blog, September 2011

Shadowserver’s new anti-virus test suite – how good is it?” – Kevin Townsend, personal blog, September 2011

AMTSO, the anti-malware testing standards organization, opens up” – Kevin Townsend, personal blog, April 2011


AMTSO publishes guidelines for false positive testing” – SC Magazine, December 2010

Once More ‘Round the AMTSO Wheel of Pain” – David Harley, SecurityWeek, November 2010

Claims that anti-virus detections are inadequate are dismissed by vendorsDan Raywood, SC Magazine, August 2010

So what is the concern about the AMTSO, and why is it not being welcomed globally?” – Dan Raywood, SC Magazine blog, August 2010

Who watches the watchers?” – Lysa Myers, SC Magazine, July 2010

New AV Product Testing Methods Stir Debate” – Kelly Jackson Higgins, DarkReading, July 2010

Anti Malware Testing Standards Organization: a dissenting viewKevin Townsend, personal blog, June 2010

AMTSO: a serious attempt to clean up anti-malware testing; or just a great big con?Kevin Townsend, personal blog, June 2010

Guidelines released for antivirus testsJeremy Kirk, ComputerWorld, June 2010

Anti-Malware Testing – Industry Insight” – David Harley, SecurityWeek, June 2010

Anti-virus is a Poor Substitute for Common Sense” – Brian Krebs, Krebs on Security, June 2010

AMTSO moves to testing changes with new guidelines” – SC Staff, SC Magazine, June 2010


AMTSO members summit covers controversial issues” – Virus Bulletin blog, October 2009

AMTSO – The herding of the cats continues” – Andrew Lee, Avien blog, October 2009

AMTSO at its most controversial” – Stuart Taylor, Naked Security blog, October 2009

What is the AMTSO?” – Neil Rubenking, PC Mag, September 2009

Let telemetry be your guide, a proposal for security tests…” – Microsoft Windows Security blog, July 2009

AMTSO should be welcomed for reviews announcement but some will see it as a threat” – Dan Raywood, SC Magazine, May 2009

AMTSO to do public analysis of anti-malware software reviews” – Dan Raywood, SC Magazine, May 2009

AMTSO meets again to discuss better testing” – Virus Bulletin blog, February 2009


AMTSO conference generates new documents” – Stuart Taylor, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, November 2008

AMTSO standardises security software testing” – Anthony Savvas, Computer Weekly, November 2008

AMTSO publishes guidelines on testingSC Staff, SC Magazine, November 2008

Jaw jaw at RSA Europe and AMTSO” – Graham Cluley, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, October 2008

AMTSO releases draft guidelines for public comment” – Virus Bulletin blog, August 2008

Security experts gather in Europe” – Virus Bulletin blog, May 2008

Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization created” – Matthew Humphries,, February 2008

Antivirus companies aim to set standards for testing” – Peter Sayer, ComputerWorld, February 2008

Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization” – Stuart King, Computer Weekly, February 2008

New security software testing standards body formed” – Virus Bulletin blog, February 2008

International group pushing for anti-malware testing standardDan Kaplan, SC Magazine, February 2008

AMTSO” – Stuart Taylor, Sophos “Naked Security” blog, February 2008

Member Companies Comment on Taking First Steps Towards Forming Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO)” – AMTSO press release, February 2008


Group will develop antivirus testing guidelines by early next year” – Jeremy Kirk, ComputerWorld, December 2007