Part of AMTSO’s mission is to provide testers with tools and resources to help them run tests. User education is also within our remit, and we aim to provide end-users with tools and advice to help them ensure they select the most reliable products, based on the most accurate information.

Free tools for the public

For the general public, we host the Security Features Check (SFC) system. This set of tools, completely free for anyone to use, is designed to help users verify that the security products they are using are properly configured and working as expected.

The SFC uses a selection of test samples, none of which is in itself malicious or dangerous. By cross-industry agreement, security providers should flag these items appropriately within their products, mainly for verification purposes as in the SFC.

Tools and guidance for testers

For testers, AMTSO continues to develop and release guidance documents providing advice and information on problematic areas of testing.

We also host the Real Time Threat List, a sample exchange system designed to provide test labs with the most relevant and up-to-date samples, along with detailed telemetry information to help identify and select the most relevant samples for a particular testing scenario.

You can find out more about the RTTL system here; access is currently restricted to AMTSO members.