AMTSO Announces Full Adoption of Testing Protocol Standard

The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) today announced the adoption of its first Testing Protocol Standard.

The Standard was developed by a working group within AMTSO comprised of twenty cybersecurity vendors and testers, and adopted by the AMTSO membership and Board of Directors on May 22, 2018. AMTSO believes the use of the Standard by anti-malware testers will help assure consumers that compliant tests were conducted in good faith, without bias, and with full transparency of engagement between  testers and vendors.

“This is big,” said Dennis Batchelder, President of AMTSO. “AMTSO Standard-based tests can remove biases and give enterprises and consumers information and context they need to choose their security providers.”

“Security vendors often claim that only their solution can protect customers, and testers assert that only their test can accurately measure those claims,” said Simon Edwards, Chairman of the Board at AMTSO. “Tests following the AMTSO Standard can help customers cut through the hype.”

A large majority of AMTSO members approved the Standard and have committed to use it. AMTSO will continue to improve the Standard over time, to address potential issues raised by members as the Standard is implemented. “We’re using a Standards-as-a-Service approach,” Batchelder said. “That will keep the Standard relevant and valuable to all our members.”

“We plan to run several Standards-based tests this year, including a new NextGen certification programme,” said Chris Pickard, CEO of MRG Effitas. “We fully support AMTSO’s effort to bring clarity to the anti-malware testing industry.”

“Bad testing hurts not only the anti-malware customer, but the entire industry,” said Mark Kennedy, Distinguished Engineering at Symantec. “While the Standard doesn’t require that a test has value, it does provide the information needed so the customer can answer this for themselves. Symantec will support adoption of the Standard in tests that we commission.”

About the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO)

AMTSO is a California-based non-profit mutual benefit corporation founded in 2008. AMTSO’s mission is to improve business conditions related to the development, use, testing, and rating of anti-malware solutions. AMTSO membership is open to academics, reviewers, testers and vendors. Additional information is available on the AMTSO website. Press can contact AMTSO via [email protected].