AMTSO guest event 2023-10-03

On October 3rd 2023 AMTSO will be opening up part of its regular member meeting to a wider group of guest attendees. The day will feature presentations from AMTSO members and guests, as well as discussions of topics including AMTSO’s XDR testing criteria plans and our efforts to bring together the people actively evaluating security solutions – independent testers, analysts, and those driving purchasing decisions (particularly CISOs, CSOs, senior IT managers and others in similar roles).

We believe purchasers often have a difficult time gathering and obtaining independent, third-party, real-world data about the efficacy of cybersecurity products. There is a gap in the industry for a forum that gives purchasers the opportunity to connect with testers, to access the vital data they are producing, and to share requirements and pain points in the implementation and operation of cybersecurity products with testers and vendors. Part of the goal of the AMTSO guest event will be to help create a new forum to break down information barriers and create a conversation among those trying to measure which approaches and solutions are providing the best protections from digital threats.


Keynote speaker: Raza Syed, VP of Infrastructure for Privacy Security and Trust Engineering, Microsoft

Other guest speakers include Terry Budd (Budd Law, PLLC), Jeffrey Linenfelser (MITRE Engenuity), Arnie Bjorklund (SecurityZONES), and noted cybersecurity expert and communicator Paul Ducklin.

Attendance is free of charge for selected guests, as well as for AMTSO members (subject to number restrictions). We also welcome those unable to attend the event to sign up to participate in our evaluator forum in other ways, such as by contributing guidance and feedback to our development of standards and best practices for testing.

Registrations for this event are now closed, but if you are interested in participating in AMTSO’s other activities, including our regular Testing Town Hall events and our evaluator forum project helping produce guidance and best practices for testing, please fill out the form below: