AMTSO News 2023-07-13

Welcome to our regular roundup of events and activities in and around AMTSO. 

Meetings and Events

We held another Testing Town Hall event last week, featuring speakers from SecureIQLab and Massive Computing. A full recording and slide decks have been posted to our member site, edited recordings of some sessions will be made available on the public event page shortly. Non-members can sign up to attend our Testing Town Hall events via the events page.

Plans are progressing for our meetings in London in October. The team working on our CISO event planned for October 3rd held a call this week; the group has produced a pitch sheet which has been circulated to members and others to share with their contacts in the CSO/CISO community to help in our search for the best fits for our panels and speaking slots, where they will be joined by testers from the AMTSO membership and beyond. Initial agendas for both this event and the member meeting will be available to members in the next few weeks.

XDR Testing Criteria

We’ll be holding another meeting of our XDR criteria team next week to push ahead with work on defining the shape of high-quality tests of XDR-type solutions. This project is being driven by our tester members, with feedback from CISOs to be gathered in the next phase before vendor members are brought into the loop for their input.

RTTL and ThreatList

The RTTL team held their usual call this week, the new sandbox features are now fully implemented in the system and work is ongoing defining the quotas to be allocated to contributors. This will include focus on the CERTs and other external bodies using the RTTL system to share samples with the wider community. The ThreatList project also continues to develop, with final approval of the process proposals from the new oversight board being gathered in the next few days.

AMTSO Standard and Test Calendar

12 new tests were added to our test calendar in the last 30 days. These included a raft of new reports from various labs including AV-Test, AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation, Testing Ground Labs and Virus Bulletin. Coming up soon we expect the latest Standard-based tests from AppEsteem, MRG Effitas, SecureIQLab, and SE Labs, among others.

Here’s a summary of activities from our Standard compliance team:

  • Phase 2 Commentary Collection for the SE Labs Q1’2023 Enterprise and Small Business E-Mail Protection Test Reports (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP068) closed on Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 and the Standards Compliance Confirmation has been issued.
  • Phase 1 Commentary Collection covering the AVLab Cybersecurity Institute July 2023 Advanced “In-the-Wild” Malware Detection Test (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP082) closed on Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 without any issues having been filed.
  • Following a Public Test Notification on Wednesday, July 5th, 2023, Phase 1 Commentary Collection covering the SE Labs Q3’2023 Endpoint Protection Test Plan (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP083) closed on Thursday, July 13th, 2023 without any issues having been filed.
  • Discussions between Broadcom (non-member) and MRG-Effitas regarding their Q2’2023 Endpoint test in the phishing area have resulted in a positive resolution of pending methodology during Phase 1 Commentary Collection.  (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP081). 

Information on all published and upcoming tests being tracked by AMTSO can be found in our test calendar.

Board and Management

Our new Board was formed last week as we moved into a new company year, we welcomed Jeffrey Wu of Testing Ground Labs into the team. A first Board call for the new group was held last week, one of the main items addressed was a set of adjustments to our membership fees, which was approved by the Board and details of which have been circulated to members and posted to our joining page. The Board is currently voting to appoint David Ellis of SecureIQLab, also a member of the Board, to fill the vacant position of CFO, which will come into effect once approved by the Board.

Promotion and Outreach

The marketing team put out a press release this week announcing the formation of our new Board, and the latest entry in our interview series is almost ready for publication. We will hold a call of our Visibility group next week.


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