AMTSO News 2023-12-08

Welcome to our regular roundup of events and activities in and around AMTSO. 

Meetings and Events

We are putting together the agenda for the next Testing Town Hall event, scheduled for February 14th, with several member presentations pencilled in and guest speakers pending confirmation. There will be further Town Hall calls through 2024. Any members or non-member guests interested in sharing a short talk with our attendees are welcome to get in touch, non-members can sign up to be invited to these events here. Planning for our in-person events for next year continues and we hope to be able to share initial details in January.

RTTL and ThreatList

The ThreatList system is now fully open for registrations, with a group of former WildList reporters already on-boarded and more expected in the coming weeks. Our RTTL team held a call last week, where PR activities around the ThreatList launch were reviewed and finalized. Contribution rates into the RTTL system were also reviewed, with several new participants recently enrolled, and some minor bugs in the portal interface were reported and submitted for investigation by the admins.

XDR Testing Criteria

Our XDR testing working group held a call this week, further progressing our taxonomy project aiming to cover all aspects of XDR-type solutions. The structure is intended for use in defining the coverage of tests, as well as potentially providing a simple at-a-glance means of evaluating the feature sets of solutions. The project is now expanding beyond the initial group of mainly AMTSO tester members to gather input and feedback from a wider group, including non-members, with dedicated calls being scheduled over the next few weeks and into 2024.

New Frontiers group

Our project to extend our contacts with CISOs and other enterprise buyers and users of security solutions continues, with a series of interviews with CISOs and industry experts from within our existing membership held over the last few weeks and more coming up. We plan to collate the feedback received and set up a standing advisory panel of CISOs to help inform our testing guidance and standards, as well as implementing regular in-person events to share intel directly between testers and major consumers of test data.

AMTSO Standard and Test Calendar

Our Test Calendar had a fairly quiet November with only 8 new additions; a larger set of updates is expected in the next few weeks as end-of-year tests emerge. Recent releases include the regular Windows reports from AV-Test, who we hope to see running their first tests under the AMTSO Standard very soon. Here’s a summary of activities from our Standard compliance team:

  • AMTSO closed Phase 2 Commentary covering the Virus Bulletin November 2023 VB100 Test Reports (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP091) and a successful AMTSO Compliance Confirmation covering this test was issued on Wednesday, November 29th, 2023.
  • Public Test Notifications were issued on behalf of MRG-Effitas for their upcoming Q4 2023 360 Degree Assessment and Certification (Endpoint) (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP099) and Q4 2023 360 Degree Android Assessment and Certification (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP098) tests.
  • Phase 2 Commentary covering the AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation Test Plan for Q4 2023 providing an Analysis of Online Payment Protection Modules in Windows 11 (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP089) launched on Tuesday, December 5th and will remain open through Wednesday, December 13th.
  • SE Labs has entered the Dispute Phase for their Q4’2023 Enterprise, Small Business, and Consumer Endpoint Test Reports (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP090). AMTSO is now collecting Phase 2 Commentary through Thursday, December 7th, 2023.  The AMTSO Compliance Confirmation Report has now been issued.
  • Testing Ground Labs (TGL) has released their October 2023 Consumer Android Malware Test Report (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP092). AMTSO is collecting Phase 2 Commentary through Thursday, December 7th, 2023.  The AMTSO Compliance Confirmation Report has been issued.
  • Phase 2 Commentary covering the MRG-Effitas Q3’2023 Android 360 Degree Assessment (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP087) launched on Friday, December 8th and will remain open through Friday, December 15th.
  • A Public Test Notification has been issued by SecureIQLabs for their upcoming Cloud Web Application Firewall V3.0 Test (AMTSO Test ID: AMTSO-LS1-TP097).

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