Jeffrey Wu of Testing Ground Labs Joins AMTSO’s Board of Directors

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2023 – AMTSO, the cybersecurity industry’s testing standard community, today announced its new board, elected annually by its members. Elected by tester members, Jeffrey Wu of Testing Ground Labs will join the AMTSO board of directors. Tester members also re-elected SecureIQLab’s David Ellis as a board member. On the vendor side, members re-confirmed Luis Corrons of Avast, part of GenTM, and Vlad Iliushin of ELLIO Technology as board members. 

Jeffrey Wu founded Testing Ground Labs (TGLabs) three years ago, and he has been in the industry for 15 years. TGLabs offers tests in the enterprise and consumer security fields, on the Windows and Android platforms. His lab focuses on malware, phishing and spam detection tests and is on a mission to challenge standards to evaluate enterprise product testing. 

“We welcome Jeffrey as our new board member on the tester side. He brings a wealth of experience in the testing field and already has regularly aligned his tests with the AMTSO standard. Having him on our board will be a great enrichment for AMTSO,” said Dennis Batchelder, president and CEO at AMTSO.

The AMTSO board consists of an equal share of tester and vendor members to represent both sides when discussing and elaborating objective testing standards for cybersecurity products. 

Maik Morgenstern of AV-Test has stepped back from his board position after serving since 2019. “We are very thankful for Maik’s valuable insights and contributions as a board member over the past years. At AMTSO, all members have the opportunity to participate in discussions and share their input, and we are looking forward to the continued input of Maik and his team at AV-Test,” said Dennis Batchelder.

Alexander Vukcevic of Avira, part of GenTM; Glaucia Young of Microsoft; Simon Edwards of SE Labs; and Jesse Song of SKD Labs will continue serving as AMTSO board members. 

About AMTSO:
AMTSO is the cybersecurity industry’s testing standard community, consisting of over 60 security and testing member companies from around the world. The organization offers a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration on objective standards and best practices for anti-malware testing and assessment of other cybersecurity products. The AMTSO standard raises the bar for cybersecurity tests, contributing to more fairness in the industry, and creating transparency for consumers and businesses looking for the best digital protection.