MRG Effitas Wins AMTSO’s RTTL Award

AMTSO honors MRG Effitas for its threat intelligence and operational contributions to the Real Time Threat List (RTTL)  

Prague, Czech Republic / London, United Kingdom October 26, 2022 – AMTSO, the cybersecurity industry’s testing standard community, awarded MRG Effitas with this year’s RTTL “Contributor of the Year” award. AMTSO hands out the award every year to the member organization that shares threat intelligence data most steadily, at a high scale, and that contributes the most to the operational planning of the Real Time Threat List (RTTL). RTTL is a program that feeds testers with threat intelligence, including high-quality, prevalent, and real-world samples, and also enables non-member organizations such as CERTs to share samples with the security industry via a single central point.

Through the RTTL program, antimalware vendors can share real-life threat samples, so testers of antimalware products can use them in their testing processes, which makes their tests more realistic and accurate. Independent testing institutions like MRG Effitas access RTTL to use the threat data in their tests.

“With RTTL, antimalware vendors profit from higher quality reviews of their products, testers can provide more reliable test results, and business and consumer users profit from more trustworthy benchmarks and comparisons of different antimalware players in the market. It’s a win-win situation for all participating parties,” said Alex Vukcevic, Chief Technology Officer at AMTSO. “MRG Effitas has won this year’s RTTL award as they’ve maintained a highly consistent level of contributions on a daily basis over the past year.”

Chris Pickard, CEO of MRG Effitas said, “We were thrilled to receive the RTTL award this year. We pride ourselves on the size, range and recency of our malware feeds and samples and have recently developed ransomware and Linux specific feeds, so it’s great to be recognized by the industry.” 

The RTTL award was announced at this year’s AMTSO member meeting on September 26 in Prague. During the award ceremony, awards were also handed over physically after two years of remote meetings to the winners of the past two years: G DATA, who received the award in 2021 due to consistent sharing of new threat intelligence data and a high engagement in the RTTL working group’s operational efforts, and K7, who won the RTTL award in 2020 in recognition of their steady level of contributions to the RTTL system.

About AMTSO:
AMTSO is the cybersecurity industry’s testing standard community, consisting of over 60 security and testing member companies from around the world. The organization offers a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration on objective standards and best practices for anti-malware testing and assessment of other cybersecurity products. The AMTSO standard raises the bar for cybersecurity tests, contributing to more fairness in the industry, and creating transparency for consumers and businesses looking for the best digital protection.

About MRG Effitas:

MRG Effitas is a world-leader in independent IT security testing and certification, supporting security vendors with quality assurance and the continuous improvement of their products.

MRG’s range of malware feeds includes Suspicious Windows, Android and MacOS binaries, Exploits, URLs, Ransomware and Linux specific samples, many less than 24 hours old.