Standard Compliance Tracking

Summary of the AMTSO Testing Protocol Standard compliance process

The AMTSO Testing Protocol Standard provides an agreed set of rules for transparency, balance, and clarity. Full details of all tests and reviews following the Standard are listed below.

  1. A test lab decides to run a test under the AMTSO Standard, and creates a detailed Test Plan defining how the test will be run, including a schedule of important dates.
  2. The test lab issues a formal notification of the test to all vendors whose products they plan to test. Notifications can be issued directly by the test lab, or can be sent via AMTSO using the AMTSO Contact List system to reach the right people within each vendor’s organization. 
  3. AMTSO posts the notification details publicly, and in most cases also the Test Plan. You can find them all on this page.
  4. Vendors have an opportunity to review the Test Plan and provide their input, highlighting any potential issues with the test design. In return, they provide assurances that they will cooperate with the tester and refrain from interfering with the running of the test.
  5. The test is run and data is gathered for a final review or report.
  6. At the end of the test, vendors have another opportunity to comment on how the test was executed.
  7. AMTSO reviews all test data, including feedback from participating vendors, and confirms whether the requirements of the Standard were met.
  8. All information on the test, including feedback from vendors and compliance status, are posted on this page.

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