SE Labs Q3 2018 Endpoint Protection: Enterprise, Small Business, and Consumer

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This compliance page covers multiple component tests, for details of products covered by each component please see the individual summary pages under “Additional links”

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SE Labs

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SE Labs Q3 2018 Endpoint Protection: Enterprise, Small Business, and Consumer






AVAST, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, CrowdStrike, ESET, F-Secure, G Data, Kaspersky, MalwareBytes, McAfee, Microsoft, Quick Heal, Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro, Webroot

Publication date


Statement from Test Lab

“September 2018 – Endpoint Protection Enterprise, Small Business, and Consumer SE Labs tests a variety of endpoint security products from a range of well-known vendors in an effort to judge which were the most effective. Each enterprise, small business, or consumer class product are exposed to the same threats, which are a mixture of targeted attacks using well-established techniques, public email, and web-based threats that are known or found to be live on the internet at the time of the test. The Test Reports indicate how effectively the products were at detecting and/or protecting against those threats in real time.”

AMTSO Standard compliance info

Notification issued


Notification method

Publicly posted test plan, Contact list notification

Test plan

Commencement date



These Vendors chose to adopt Participant status under the AMTSO Standard, gaining certain guaranteed rights in return for attestations.

“Included” Vendors


These Vendors did not chose to adopt Participant status under the AMTSO Standard, but may have engaged with the test lab in other ways.

Commentary dates
CommentaryStart dateEnd date
Phase 1 Commentary2018-07-05
Phase 2 Commentary2018-10-08

Commentary received

VendorCommentary phaseComment
AVASTPhase 2

“I haven’t seen any communication from the tester regarding this test.”

AviraPhase 1

“My company has not voluntarily decided to participate in this test but agree that our product will be tested.”

CrowdStrikePhase 2

“The dispute phase results of the test did not match what we expected after consulting with the tester.”

“Disputes are still not resolved, and had long communication delays, as well as contradictory information from the tester. Current events affected the dispute process.”

“The sample selection was much less diverse than expected for this test, consisting of large numbers of very similar attacks. This feedback was given to the tester as soon as possible.”

SymantecPhase 2

“Symantec products are used in Default configuration mode in SELabs Public test.”

WebrootPhase 2

“Dispute process still underway. Simon has been good about communicating the progress.”

AMTSO Standard compliance status

Confirmed Compliant with AMTSO Standard v1.0 Compliance report