NioGuard Security Lab 2019 Anti-Cryptojacking Test

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NioGuard Security Lab

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NioGuard Security Lab 2019 Anti-Cryptojacking Test






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Statement from Test Lab

“NioGuard Security Lab (Tester) tests a variety of corporate endpoint security products from the industry leaders in an effort to judge which were the most effective in detecting unauthorized cryptomining called cryptojacking. Each product is exposed to the same threats that represent cryptominers in different forms. The Test Report indicates how effectively the products were at detecting those threats in real time.”

Tested products

VendorProductVendor status
AcronisAcronis Backupparticipant
Anonymized Products(All other products anonymized in final report)included

AMTSO Standard compliance info

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Notification method

Publicly posted test plan, Contact list notification

Test plan

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These Vendors chose to adopt Participant status under the AMTSO Standard, gaining certain guaranteed rights in return for attestations.

“Included” Vendors


These Vendors did not chose to adopt Participant status under the AMTSO Standard, but may have engaged with the test lab in other ways.

Commentary dates
CommentaryStart dateEnd date
Phase 1 Commentary2019-06-212019-07-01
Phase 2 Commentary2019-08-082019-08-15

Commentary received

VendorCommentary phaseComment
K7 ComputingPhase 1

“Feedback on improvement of the test has been provided separately to the Tester.” “We believe improvements are warranted.”

KasperskyPhase 1

“After scrutinizing the Test Plan document, we‘ve made a decision not to participate in this test. There is no regulation about legitimacy of mining tools and their definition at the moment, so different points of view, which are similar to a PUA topic, could happen.”

SophosPhase 1

“Sophos is always open to tests that comply with AMTSO standards. However, we are respectively declining the invitation to participate in the Nioguard Anti-Cryptojacking Test. While we are confident in our ability to protect against malicious cryptomining, we do not feel that a comparison with the Acronis Backup product is a like-for-like comparison and are concerned a comparative test would lead to unnecessary market confusion.”

AMTSO Standard compliance status

CONFIRMED COMPLIANT with AMTSO Standard v1.1Compliance Report