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SE Labs Q1 2020 Email Security Service Protection




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Fortinet, Google, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Mimecast, Perception Point

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Statement from Test Lab

“Q1 2020 Email Security Service Protection SE Labs tests a variety of email filtering services to judge which are the most effective. Each service is exposed to the same threats at the same time. The threats are an equal mixture of commodity, social engineering, phishing, malware and legitimate samples. The malicious samples contained within the test are all generated from commodity samples discovered independently by SE Labs, thereby ensuring that they reflect reality to the highest degree. The legitimate samples are all generated in-house and are designed to be demonstrably benign. The resulting test reports show how effective each Test Subject Vendor’s products are at detecting malicious samples while still allowing through legitimate ones”

Tested products

VendorProductVendor status
FortinetFortiMail Cloud - Gateway Premiumincluded
GoogleGSuite Business/GSuite Enterpriseincluded
KasperskySecurity for Office 365participant
MicrosoftOffice 365/Office 365 with Advanced Threat Protectionincluded
MimecastSecure Email Gatewayincluded
Perception PointAdvanced Email Securityincluded

AMTSO Standard compliance info

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Publicly posted test plan, Contact list notification

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These Vendors chose to adopt Participant status under the AMTSO Standard, gaining certain guaranteed rights in return for attestations.

“Included” Vendors


These Vendors did not chose to adopt Participant status under the AMTSO Standard, but may have engaged with the test lab in other ways.

Commentary dates
CommentaryStart dateEnd date
Phase 1 Commentary2020-02-172020-02-27
Phase 2 Commentary2020-04-022020-04-10

AMTSO Standard compliance status

Confirmed compliant with AMTSO Standard v1.3Compliance report