Is your security software running correctly? The AMTSO Security Features Check (SFC) tools verify that your security solution is properly configured and operating as expected.

The AMTSO SFC tools are used more than 30,000 times every month to test the correct installation, configuration and operation of specific security products. Professional test labs routinely use the SFC suite to verify that products are working properly, but the tools are designed to be simple enough for anyone to use.

Are AMTSO SFC tools free?

The AMTSO SFC tools are completely free for any person or organization to use. Before you use any of the AMTSO SFC tools, please read the fine print.

How do AMTSO SFC tools work?

The AMTSO SFC tools use a selection of approved tests that are not malicious or dangerous. Reputable security software has been designed to alert on these items.

This means you can verify the correct operation of your security software without introducing actual malicious malware onto your system.